Sammy Sam, aka Sammy Vegas of Public Enemy

Sammy Sam, AKA.Sammy Vegas’s musical journey began in his native country Korea when he was signed to an entertainment company at age 17. At the time, Sammy aspired to become a recording artist/producer, but his parents wanted him to pursue an education in business instead. He then enrolled in Boston University, but continued traveling to Korea to pursue his musical career. Not too long after setting foot in Korea, Sammy was bullied around, which made him realize that this did not fit his dream that he wanted to achieve.  His ultimate goal was to make it in the United States, in Hollywood.  Ready to pursue his dreams, he moved to New York, to Vegas, and then to Los Angeles.

While in Vegas, he stumbled upon Public Enemy’s Flavor Flav, who immediately hired Sammy to work on music with him. From there on, Sammy’s career took a wild turn and the rest has become history. His direction of music was greatly influenced by his childhood roots and ties with Public Enemy songs. Right away, he was signed to Public Enemy’s Chuck D, who saw Sammy as someone special. Without hesitation, Chuck along with Flavor asked him to join their group Public Enemy. Not only did Sammy become the hype man for Public Enemy, but he also started working on records for the group. He produced “Broke Diva”, a hit song from Public Enemy’s album Evil Empire, as well as recorded a song on Chuck D’s solo record, “Get it Right Or Be Gone.” In addition to working on Public Enemy records, he also produced a track from DJ Lord’s record, ‘’Eat The Rat,” also featuring Chuck D. Public Enemy recently released a brand new album called “Nothing is Quicker than Desert”, which consists of thirteen records that has appearances by Ice-T, PMD, Easy Mo Bee, and Solé. Sammy is credited for producing a song from this album called “Sells like Teens Hear it”, and as a member of Public Enemy, he raps alongside Chuck D and Flavor Flav. Listening to this song, the world can feel that the new generation of Public Enemy has arrived.

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